понедельник, 19 марта 2012 г.


About half a year ago, maybe less, attempt to listen to this

resulted in painful hurt somewhere below the spine. My inside censor said me something indicipherable, I understood only "flithy metalcore breakdowns" and "awww fuck these vocals, he's just like puking the words". Then censor ordered "TWO AND A HALF" and destroyed himself leaving me alone with my RYM rating.

So, I came to fresh this up - with concrete purpose of destroying my ears. And suddenly nearly broken my neck in some series of sloooooow and deep headbanging. And, well, succeeded in first. Then repeated from the beggining. Just "got" this music.
Totally underground. As I said, flithy, droning, invarious, repetetive. Junky and alcoholic. Misonthropic. Music of crapped and barfed floor on which someone stinky and drunk fucks your sister. This guys say they're rooted from the Melvins. Well, seems pretty true towards Melvins I know (2 repeat listens of Houdini), but it's even MORE slow. Invote Melvins in cube and add ultraviolence. Then BURN HER! RAPE!

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