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About Piracy, Torrents And Other Associated Things.

One day in our Galaxy there was a beutiful day when one of the branches of human progress finally reached this level  - when people became able to, within a few seconds, share anything, like books, or programs, or other things made for people or by people, with others. This meant that every single achievment of every single man on Earth could have become available for other every single man - which actually brings the level of society integration to a depth level never being imagined.
Yes, with such pathos I just said about different file exchange technologies - for example, the most known and widespread, and possibly the most discussed of them - torrent-trackers. Someday every person connected to the internet used this - which often considered as "stealing". Actually, I never could really get such an analogy - when you steal something material (chocolate in a supermarket) - you harm the shop by taking what he owns truly. About torrents it seems more appropriate to say - like I get to the supermarket and copied this chocolate with some kind of futuristic copy-machine. Well, of course, nobody will ever buy a chocolate if such kind of copy-machine would exist (excuse me my poor grammar) - according to laws of demand - but it's not the actual reason of putting a ban on such great, flexible and progressive technologies like "material copy-pasters"!
What, in my opinion, should we do to feed authors of intellectual content properly (nobody byes chocolates now, everybody copies, authors are hungry, nobody wanna be hungry, no authors, no more chocolates)? Well, at first, now we see that scheme "pay-if-you-want-how-much-you-can-pay" actually works! Examples? Whole lotta, just take Radiohead with their "In Rainbows", or Nine Inch Nails experiments with distribution. Even albums "stolen" through the internet (also it's about games or anything) often gets paid well - it's because good media content, while being spread all over the internet through torrents, gets a huge impact of advertising between users. Which means that authors get more profit - there are a lot of people consciously ready to pay authors.
Free-to-pay is good of course, but surely it couldn't be the main source of author's profit. I guess nowadays torrent stuff should search for some ways of arrangement betweent them and content procreators. I'm sure there are pretty enough options to do it - think yourself, how many users browse torrents and, hence, how much money could torrents make putting advertisments in right places (well, they already make). We just need to work out some kind of law mechanism here to regulate this relations and please everybody - banning torrents and putting everyone in prison (everyone in entire Internet network! remember it) is the worst way here.

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